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Gaia Username: Skwinky
LJ Username: notcalledsquall
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Character Name: Leon (Squall Leonhart)
Gender: Male
Age: 25

Appearance: Leon is a tall, well-built (though not bulky) man decked out in black and white. He wears a black, denim jacket that reaches online to the bottom the ribs and has a fur-lined collar. On the back are two girly crimson angel wings *coughrinoacough* and on the sleeve is a red insignia known as “Griever”. Griever is the silver necklace Leon always sports with a pendent shaped like a lion and a cross. Wikipedia and I think Griever is symbolic of his emo habits and angst. Oh yes. Other than that, Leon wears a plain white shirt, black gloves and pants adorned with buckles and lots of arm belts and butt belts that seem to just float around his waist. Leon also knows how to defy all means of gravity when it comes to dressing himself.

Leon also looks amazingly like River Phoenix (…who died of drug overdose, but that’s for another time). He has a relatively pointed face and resides in a happy medium between a long face and a squared face. Said face is stuck in an expression of constant brooding which is odd since he is extremely good looking (more so anyway) when he smiles. He has a thin long nose that sports a splinter-like scar the runs across his forehead to his cheek. And like all the Square enix characters EVER, Leon has cold blue eyes. Just like everyone else. He also has longer brown hair that sweeps back just like Laguna.

Personality: Leon’s whole being is full of squishy loner-isms and slight crankiness. He seems to desire nothing more than the company of himself and is relatively open with that belief around others. In fact, he desires little more than the company of a very special person and is relatively insecure with himself. He has a very harsh, down-to-earth view on life and what occurs around him. Squall Leon also wastes no breath when speaking. He uses very little words and when he does actually choose to break his monk-like vow of silence, it is only to speak the truth and the most serious of matters.

Despite his very disconnected with the rest of the world attitude and seemingly dislike of a human presence, Leon actually cares deeply for those around him. He chooses to use his leadership qualities to defend all he cares for and could also be considered over protective.

Abilities/Weapons: GUNBLADE LOL Leon is famous for his ability with a weapon entitled a ‘gunblade’. A gunblade is a thick, broad sword that doubles as a revolver. It is an unruly weapon to wield but Leon pulls it off with seemingly ease. It allows him to participate in both melee and ranged combat making Leon more than a worthy opponent.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Leon is a very secluded person which tends to isolate himself in many ways. This leaves him with a bitter personality and his outrageous ability to be emo tendency to brood. Leon also has difficulties predicting the future and can be a bit short-sighted. The man is also known for holding grudges.

That doesn’t Leon is weak in anyway. He has an incredible sense of justice and desire to help people. He is very determined and does whatever he can to redeem himself when he has made a mistake. Oh yeah. Being awesome in battle is a plus too. He’s a ?? Elite baby.

History: Leon is a natural resident of Radiant Garden. He lived peacefully under the rule of Ansem the Wise, at least until the Heartless overrun the world and Ansem (along with his assistants disappeared). Then came the time for massive name changes. It was then that Radiant Garden took on the name Hollow Bastion (which is NOT an evil name! Gah! Hollow means holy and Bastion means castle! Yeah! Holy Castle has to be an evvvviiiil place!) Oh yes. The guy whose profile this is changed his name from Squall Leonhart to just Leon (aka-from his last name) because he wished to distance himself from his past where he could not defend the people of the very ‘evil’ Holy Castle.

He then took sanctuary (*sings backwards*) in Traverse Town along with Yuffie and Aerith. This is where he met the Keybearer Sora and his companions Donald and Goofy. He helped Sora get back on his feet when he lost Destiny Islands and directed him on the path of saving the Multi-verse. (I less than three you Noey! Just for that term.) Very soon Sora completed his quest and freed the Holy Castle from Maleficent’s hold. Soon afterwards Leon and the others returned to his home world.

That is when the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee was created with Leon as its leader. He and many others worked tirelessly to return the world to its original state. After a year of their return, Sora and his friends reappeared once again just when the Nobodies appeared. Soon strife overran the Holy Castle yet again, but this time it would be dealt with flawlessly. Leon participated in both the War of the 1000 Heartless and discovery of Ansem’s Computer and Tron.

Yet again Leon sent Sora on his way to save the worlds yet again. As soon as Sora restored both the Computer and defeated the Organization XIII, the Holy Castle was Radiant Garden yet again. And they all lived happily ever after the end.